Christians criticize Pope Francis for his participation in prayer with non-Christians

Pope Francis is being accused of "blasphemy" and "sacrilege" by some Catholics for participating in an interfaith prayer with Muslims, Jews and Christians, calling on God to end the Coronavirus pandemic. The interfaith prayer organized by the Abu Dhabi-based multifaith Higher Committee on Human Fraternity formed after the pope's historic visit in 2019 to the Arabian Peninsula. Its nine members came up with the idea to pray, fast and perform charitable works. According to the Fox News report, the multifaith prayer upset many among the Christians.

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"The only 'spiritual' union that Christians recognize is the communion of the Holy Spirit with those baptized into the Body of Christ," English Deacon Nick Donnelly told Church Militant. "He is asking us to unite ourselves on the level of spirit with those who worship idols and demons or who venerate false prophets that deny the divinity of Christ."
According to the Reuters report, the traditionalist Catholic blog Rorate Caeli mocked the pope, describing him as, "Francis' Fast with Infidels" and calling on the faithful to feast, instead of fast, on pork, which neither observant Muslims nor Jews eat.
Priests John Stone and Dennis Michael Hand Sobocik tweeted they "owe no allegiance whatsoever" to the multifaith committee.
The Society of Saint Pius X, an influential traditionalist group, called Francis' promotion of the interfaith day "poison fruit."
Some Christians demanded to remove Pope Francis from its position.

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An article published by criticize Pope Francis, quoted, Jesus just lost his job. The saviour of the world has been sacked, laid off and put on the wallaby track. Why saddle yourself with a megalomaniac who claims He is the way, the truth and the life and the only way to get to God when you can hotfoot it with a Higher Committee of Human Fraternity who whistles their way to world peace and a hippie heaven without the need for a saviour?
The article also alleged that Pope Francis is never exhorting us Christians to preach the gospel and convert non-Christians to faith in Christ.
"Almost daily, Pope Francis harangues against Catholics "proselytizing" (never properly defining the slippery word and never exhorting us to preach the gospel and convert non-Christians to faith in Christ lest they go to Hell) and uncritically affirms all religions, faiths and sects. When Pope Francis gives Jesus the heave-ho and replaces him with a Higher Committee of Human Fraternity the pontiff demotes Jesus from King of Kings to one."
The article also criticized the Indic religions, quoted-
Philosophically, Hinduism is as complex as two millipedes dancing the rumba. The followers of Hinduism and their Buddhist and Jain cousins are not going to go gaga over Pope Francis' narrative of God the All-Creator or the post-Vatican II tosh from progressive pulpits of all religions leading to the "same God." And how would Buddhists who are simply non-theists, or Buddhists who believe that the gods themselves are helpless and need to be enlightened, respond to the Vatican's theological swashbuckling?
One can able conclude what Christians thinks about non-Christians. What reveals such conservative comments from world’s largest religion? How the co-existence is possible if one community trying to dominate the others faith?
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